Nedbank Overdraft Facility – Cash When You Need It

Nedbank Overdraft Facility – Cash When You Need It

Get a revolving credit facility through Nedbank’s overdraft, which is a credit facility loan in your current account that helps you with money when you most need it.

Whether you use the money or not the overdraft will be available to you as a reserve fund and its limit is determined by your affordability.

To qualify for a Nedbank Overdraft Facility you’ll need to be a holder of a Nedbank transactional current account. Eighteen years of age with a valid ID, proof of residence, three months bank statements and proof of income to qualify.

The benefit of this loan is that you can use it whenever you need it because the total amount is always available to you. And Nedbank doesn’t restrict the type of transactions you’ll be able to do using this facility.

Other benefits of applying to this facility include:

  • There’s no need to open a separate account since the facility is linked to your current account.
  • Competitive interest rates which are only charged on the portion of the overdraft compared to other lending products.
  • You also have an optional Overdraft Assurance (credit life) of protection insurance that covers your overdraft from death, disability or dread disease.

Nedbank Overdraft Loans will give you flexibility when you’re having financial challenges or just need extra cash flow. Therefore “make things happen” financially for you with this credit facility.

To apply for the overdraft you call on 0860 555 111.

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