Incentives SA, Helping Your Business Grow

Incentives SA, Helping Your Business Grow

Capital can be described as the money or wealth needed to produce goods and services.In the most basic terms, it is money. All businesses must have capital in order to purchase assets and maintain their operations. Since capital is expensive for small businesses, it is particularly important for small business owners to find the best and cost effective option. One organisation playing a role in this regard is Incentives SA.

With over 6 years of operations, Incentives SA has been assisting businesses to access government funding and grants.This firm has the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to ensure a successful application and an excellent chance of approval once submitted.

This organisation facilitates the process of acquiring access to government grants and provides free advice to business owners. We focus on companies that are established and have a trading history and are in need of finding grants to take their businesses to a new level.

Services provided include DTI grant application assistance, business plans,feasibility studies,training and mentoring, business purchasing advice, business networking facilitation, research and investigation into potential investments as well as marketing plans.

Requirements for assistance include a detailed business plan, this can be anywhere from 5 pages to 500 pages, depending on what you are applying for, audited and certified financial statements, up to date tax status which means a tax clearance certificate from SARS as well as a copy of previous tax return, proof of ownership of the company including shareholders, ID copies of directors and key personnel, proof of address and quotations from service providers from whom you intend purchasing goods and services from.

Incentives SA can be contacted on 0216714400.

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