Online Credit Card Applications

Online Credit Card Applications

The South African financial system is a dynamic one that continues to provide clients with innovative solutions for their monetary needs. Internet banking has steadily become more popular over the years, with an increasing number of institutions using it to improve their services.

The credit card industry in the country continues to grow at a rapid pace – giving more individuals access to emergency funds and various rewards. Banks and other financial institutions are increasingly using technology to promote their products and services. The institutions also provide platforms for online credit card applications.

Virgin Money:

To qualify for a credit card from Virgin money, you need to be above the age of 18 years, earning more than R5000 per month. You’ll also need to have a South African bank account and a valid South African ID.

For online credit card applications, you need to provide your financial details and your email address. You can’t be under any form of debt counselling.

The application process takes 20 minutes to complete online.

For more details, call Virgin Money on: 0861 822 273

Visit to apply.

First National Bank (FNB):

FNB has a range of credit cards, including:

  • Classic
  • Gold
  • Premier
  • Private Clients
  • Private Wealth

To apply, you can visit

BA Card:

The British Airways Credit Card is designed to reward you for spending. Credit card holders also get to collect Avios whenever they make a purchase.

  • The application process takes 10 minutes to complete.
  • To qualify, you’ll need to be above the age of 18 years and earning at least R8000 per month.

Visit to apply.

To contact British Airways, send an email to:

What are the benefits of online credit card applications?

  • There are no queues to deal with
  • There is no long waiting period
  • The process is simple to complete
  • There is minimal paperwork to complete, so you don’t have to spend hours filling in too much paperwork



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