Wesbank Vehicle Finance – Providing Simple Finance Solutions

Wesbank Vehicle Finance – Providing Simple Finance Solutions

Wesbank, a leading vehicle and asset finance provider specialises in providing simple finance solutions for clients all over South Africa. 

 A range of vehicle finance options are available, including: 

  • Dealership finance
  • Private Sale
  • Leisure item from a dealership

How Wesbank Vehicle Finance works:

Buying from a dealer

To qualify for this type of Wesbank Vehicle Finance, the vehicle must be sold by a dealership approved by Wesbank and be worth more R30 000 or more.

The process takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and individuals are then given an instant answer. Wesbank will then contact you about your chosen dealer. Once Wesbank has finalised the transaction, they will hand over the approved finance application and contract to the dealer. Wesbank will also only provide vehicle finance when the car is comprehensively insured.

Wesbank Vehicle Finance Private Sale

Wesbank finances private sales for cars worth R30 000 or more, which are less than 20 years old.

Once the buyer has identified the car of their choice, they can complete an online application. Wesbank then contacts the seller to agree to the sale. Wesbank asks you for necessary documents, flowing which, the agreement is voice-logged –an agreement which is legally binding.

A Wesbank representative meets with you to complete the process. The company then pays the seller and takes care of your new vehicle’s registration.

Buying a leisure vehicle from a dealership

This type of finance is ideal for buying a boat, a jet ski, caravan or golf cart.

How Wesbank Vehicle Finance works:

  • Fill in an online application
  • An agent will call you
  • You send the relevant documentation
  • The contract will be sent to you by fax or email or via a voice-logging, which is legally binding
  • You visit the dealer with documentation to the sign the delivery receipt and collect your asset

Qualifying criteria: 

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a South African citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid driving licence
  • Have a clear credit record
  • Earn at least R6250 per month

Visit www.wesbank.co.za

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